v  We, the Divinites believe that every individual in unique and has to make a choice in his or her life.

v  We believe that each child’s mind is a dwelling place of God.

v  We earnestly believe that being joined together in Divine Providence we grow into a holy temple in the Lord.

v  We believe in donating selfless, caring and sharing individual to the society.

v  We believe that anyone who comes to us is no longer a stranger or foreigner, but fellow citizen and member of the household of God.

v  We so forth ensure that no discrimination based on caste, creed, language, community or economic status will be made in our admission and other school policies.

v  We strongly uphold the dignity of every individual.

v  We integrate values into every aspects of child’s education to achieve our ultimate goal of blossoming the Human Excellence.





v    v Through enjoyable, stimulation and enriching learning environment, we train and bring out well       educated,  compassionate and motivated individuals.


v    v To bring out dignified individuals who have internalized and send of sound social, moral and spiritual values with a firm commitment to the establishment of a peaceful society around.


v    v To create an ambience of respect and freedom, to foster a healthy team spirit and co-operation among the team members.


v     v To provide an unconventional curriculum so that every child can develop wings for his/her dreams.


v     v To develop interest to foster and nurture the nature in which one lives.


v  v To awaken in everyone the qualities of gentleness, reconciliation and peaceful way of communication.


v  v To develop in our student’s emotional maturity, enabling them to face life in a balance manner.