Every school is different and choosing the right one for your child is not an easy task. Divine Providence School tirelessly strives to provide a vibrant, friendly and caring atmosphere for quality education in which each child can feel confident and flourish. We offer to the children of this locality an affordable campus filled with fun, curiosity and eagerness to learn. Divine Providence School is made possible in the year 2017, in response to the unaffordable educational scenario of this region; and we believe that only quality education, made affordable, can bring about a wider and positive transformation and growth in the socio-economic situation of the region and society.

Having shown interest in associating with us in this endeavor, we encourage you to learn more about the life at Divine Providence School. Education is a partnership between the home and the school and we place a great deal of emphasis on our partnership with parents. We believe that the children learn best when the home and the school work together for their benefit. It is thus very important to note that when your child starts school, it is not where your job ends. Rather, it is where our job begins and yours continues. The staff and management at Divine Providence School bring a great commitment and professionalism into their teaching and caring for the children. If you desire to choose our school for your child, we look forward to working in partnership with you, and hope that you and your child will be at home and attain wings to fly towards his/her dreams.
Fr. Sebastian Antony
The Principal,
Divine Providence School