School Fee
  • Fee must be deposited in advance either by cheque or cash at Vijaya Bank, Super Market, Raebareli only in to CA A/c No. – 77240200000484 IFSC – BARB0VJRAEB (Fifth Character is Zero) of Divine Providence School, from 16th to 25th of the billing month, on bank working days. If 25th happens to be a holiday, then the previous bank working days will be considered as the last day for the payment of fee.
  • Cheques should be drawn in the name of 'Divine Providence School', and if the payment is done through cheque, ensure that there are adequte funds in your account to cover the cheques issued by you. If the cheques are dishonored/bounced for any reason Rs. 100/- will be charged as dishonor charges.
  • Before depositing fees in the bank, parents must fill all the copies of the Bill Book. [Parent's copy and Bank's copy in all respects].
  • Fee should be deposited quarterly in the concerned academic year.
    April-May-June = 16th April to 25th April
    July-August-September = 16th July to 25th July
    October-November-December = 16th October to 25th October
    January-February-March = 15th January to 25th January
  • In case of late payment, fees should be deposited in the school office from 26th of the billing month, with a fine of Rs. 100/- in the first month of each quarter; Rs. 200/- in the second, month of each quarter and Rs. 500/- in the third month of each quarter. In case of nonpayment of fees for three months, the name of the students shall be struck of the rolls without further notices and Rs. 1000/- will be charged for reAdmission.
  • No reduction or remission of fees may be claimed on account of holidays or absence from shcool due to any reason.
  • Replacement of the lost or damaged bill book will be made available on payment of Rs. 100/- in the school office.
  • Parents must produce the fee receipt book for ready reference whenever required.