• Parents wishing to withdraw their wards for any reason(s) at the end or in the mid-session shall be required to give at least a month's notice or deposit a Month's/Term's tuition fees, as may be the case, in lieu of notice.
  • Application for Transfer Certificate must to the Principal by the parents a month in advance and a full size plain paper must be used for writing applications.
  • Applications for Transfer Certificates must contain all the details required namely, pupil's full name, father's full name, Admission number/date of admission, and class in which he/she is presently studying.
  • No Transfer Certificate shall be issued while fees/dues are pending. There shall be no consideration whatsoever in this regard.
  • Only parents can apply for Transfer Certificate and not others. Application must be handed over personally to the Principal and the applications sent through their wards or others shall not be acceptable.
  • Shifting of pupils from Divine Providence School to St. Peter's School before completing Class-V is not permitted unless it is mutually agreed upon by the Principal of both school and it will be treated as new admission.
  • Change of phone numbers and address must be made known to the principal in writing immediately and the parents must approach the Principal and discuss the matter with him before they take any decision to change the school if any need of it arises.

-: Note :-

Parents must go through the above rules and regulations carefully and abide by them in all respects. Ignorance of rules and regulations is no excuse and shall not be considered as a justification. These rules and regulations are printed in pupil's diary for convenience and their easy reference. In matters of doubt one can always seek clarification from the Principal's Office.