School Dress/Uniform
  • School Uniform :

    Every pupil is required to attend school curricular and co-curricular activities in the prescribed school dress known as school uniform. Pupil without proper school uniform shall either be not allowed to attend their classes or fined or even sent back home.
    *All pupil shall wear their school Uniform and ensure to maintain its colour and quality as well as its durability. All must have at least two pairs each of school Dress for convenience, to be always clean, neat and tidy
  • Dress code for Boys :

    On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday shall be : Blue half pants and white half sleeved shirt in summer and Blue full pants and full sleeves white shirts, in winter. School Tie (Bow for K.G. Classes), School Belt, pair of black shoes and Blue socks; Navy Blue Blazers are compulsory in winter.
  • Dress code for Girls :

    On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday shall be : Blue skirts and half sleeved white shirt in summer and blue skirt and full sleeved white shirts, a blue pullover in winter. School Tie, School Belt and pair a pair of black shoes and Blue socks. They may also use Blue slacks in winter. Slacks of different colours are not permitted. Navy Blue Blazers are compulsory in winter.
  • The School Dress on Wednesday :

    Both for boys and girls, is white including shoes and socks, school Tie/Bows and Belts are to be put on as usual.
    *Pupils may attend school in any other dress on their Birthdays, Teacher's Day and Children's Day. However they must obtain permission from the Principal to use other than school dress on any other day.
  • On Saturday :

    Same white dress was of Wednesday with house T-shirt instead of white shirt.
  • Hair Style :

    Pupil's hair style shall be in keeping with the school uniform. All pupils must follow a uniform hair style that befits boys and girls separately. Different hair style is not permitted for any good reason(s).
    While boys cut their hair neatly from time to time, girls shall grow their hair at least to the shoulder length (i.e, touching the shoulders) and shall use hair clips bands or ribbons of black colour and on Wednesday & Saturday they must be of white colour.