The School Emblem – Motto

The Maxim “Scientiam Veritatis Lucem Pandendam” that is, “to spread the Light of Truth and Knowledge” is selected as the motto of the school.

The Purpose all education is to give a coherent picture of the universe and an integrated way to life. We should acquire through it a “Samaunvaya” of the different aspects of knowledge. Thus the purpose of education is to bring out the best in a child by which he/she illumines himself and others.

Almighty God is the beginning source of all wisdom and knowledge manifest in the entire cosmos and beyond. Jesus Christ Proclaimed to the world that “I am the light of the World”. The power and might of this saying of Jesus has empowered millions of people down the centuries to seek him as the Truth, as the Way, and as the Ultimate end in Life, in the light of teachings and exhortations of Jesus.

The Sacred scroll of hidden wisdom and knowledge of the entire cosmos and beyond, which is illumined by the radiance of the cross of Jesus gradually unfolds in awesome wonder before the student as he/she progresses in his/her pursuit of learning. Rooted in God, with a sharpened and reasoned intellect, each student will be a lighted lamp dispelling the darkness of ignorance of every kind while he/she re-defines his destiny and goal in the world. Thus helped by the motto “Scientiam Veritatis Lucem Pandendam” students become agents of light, truth and transformation.